Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding Four

After the initial home test I then scheduled, yet another blood test to confirm my pregnancy. Not really thinking much about it I went to our local hospital had the blood drawn and waited for the results. I remember being at work in the shredding room, a room where all the paper is shredded for confidentiality, my phone rang and I answered it. I knew it was the Dr.s office by the number. Nothing could have prepared me for the shock I was about to receive. On the other end the nurse said, "Jennifer? You are definately pregnant. The doctor would like to schedule an ultrasound very soon because your numbers are elevated indicating a multiple pregnancy." I was in shock. She went on, " They, the numbers, are not really high but just enough to indicate there may be twins." Oh twins, I thought, I can do twins.
A few days later my husband, mom, aunt, and myself were all crammed into a small Dr. office waiting for the ultrasound tech to come in. She came in and the ultrasound was underway. The first thing we saw were four little circles. I could hardly believe my eyes. I glanced over at my husband, who turned white as a ghost. The tech started talking, "Let me tell you what we are looking at...". Now we both knew exactly what we were looking at, we had FOUR little babies growing inside me. The doctor then poked his head in the door, "Is everything okay?", he asked the tech. Her response was very sober, "take a look Dr. Gentry." He looked toward the screen and gasped, "FOUR".
He began to tell us of the risks involved in a quadruplet pregnancy and asked us what we thought about having four babies. We responded saying that we knew it would be risky but it was obviously what God had wanted for us, selective reduction was not an option.
This was a very scary time for us. We had just lost a dear loved one, my cousin Sean, and just one year earlier my sister had given birth to stillborn twin boys at 31 weeks. We knew that we might not ever hear our children cry or take a breath but we were willing to do what ever it took.

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