Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reality Hits

After finding out there were four tiny little people growing inside me it took a little bit of time to actually set in. Later that day while at the mall with my hubby, aunt, and my brother it did hit. They were all joking about just putting the kids in dog crates instead of cribs, cheaper. They were listing all the things we would need in sets of fours. Carseats, cribs, stroller, etc. My mind began to whirl, I pictured a house full of all this baby stuff no furniture. How would I ever take care of four babies? I would not be able to work, how could we afford 4 babies and all the things that are required for their care?? I pictured days when all I could do was sit on the floor and cry with them, assuming that there would be days when they would all cry unconsolably. That did not happen by the way. So early in the pregnancy to worry about all of this trivial stuff when the words that the doctor said kept running through my mind. Before we left his office he looked at me and said, "We will get you at least one baby in the end." ONE?? I had FOUR, I did not want ONE. Here I am pregnant for the first time I was suppose to be soooo happy and full of hope for the future of our family but instead I was clinging to those words, "at least ONE."
Now no one wants to have quadruplets. I don't care who you are, to actually want to put your body and mind through all that. Not to mention the fact that the kids are at high risk for all kinds of defects and even death. BUT once you know that you have four you instantly want all of them. You are not thinking of anything else except getting them all here safe and sound. There was not a day in my pregnancy that I did not wake up and wonder if everyone was okay or not. That was the new reality we were in, fighting for the lives of our four little helpless babies.

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